Icons of Greatness

The Buchanan’s brand touts more than 130 years of authentic heritage and every bottle is a reminder of James Buchanan’s commitment to creating the finest blend, resulting in a unique blend of exquisiteness and warmth.

James Buchanan

Buchana's Scotch Whisky - Grey Stamp - Buchanan's

Iconic Bottle & Shape

The Buchanan’s bottle is more than a container. It is inspired by selfless acts of sharing water canteens between the British soldiers in World War 1. As time passed by, Buchanan’s bottle, for its shape, became a sign of warmth and friendship between those who share their finest moments. This iconic form continues to signify generosity, invite sharing, and inspire friendship.


Red Seal

The Buchanan’s Red Seal is rooted in the history of the brand, is the symbol of James Buchanan’s personal commitment to guarantee the highest quality in every bottle of whisky. He personally sealed each bottle to make sure every single customer would receive the best quality.

Buchana's Scotch Whisky - Red Seal - Buchanan's


The Buchanan’s label is a representation of the contract written by James Buchanan committing to offering the best quality whisky.

This contract represents Buchanan’s personal promise with quality, and its signature is the ultimate guarantee symbol.

Coat of Arms

The House of Buchanan’s Coat of Arms praises the spirit of generosity of those who savor our whisky. James Buchanan stamped the House of Buchanan’s coat of arms on every bottle, confident that its excellent quality would uplift the spirit of anyone who tasted it. His generosity has been perpetuated with a nameplate that holds the House of Buchanan’s coat of arms, and constantly reminds us: “Hence, the brilliant spirit." (Clarior Hinc Spiritus).

Escudo de armas

Green Color

The Buchanan’s family colors are inspired by the brand’s Scottish heritage, specifically the spectrum of greens found in the lush rolling hills in the vibrant Scottish hillsides, also known as Highlands, a symbol of Buchanan’s purity and nobleness.


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